Quark Expeditions

A leader in polar cruising for over 20 years, Quark Expeditions offers unforgettable experiences to some of the world’s most remote areas. Explore the high Arctic and encounter polar bears, walrus, musk oxen and the great whales of the North, or travel to the immense continent of Antarctica, a land of gleaming ice, majestic peaks and stunning beauty.

Quark features a diverse fleet of passenger vessels in the Arctic and Antarctic, each one carrying fewer than 200 passengers. All ships are equipped with Zodiacs, inflatable landing crafts that transfer guests to the shore and back, and feature ice-strengthened hulls for navigating polar waters. 

Voyages with Quark include educational components that prepare you for shore landings and visits to research stations. You might hear from experts in polar history, marine biology and glaciology while on board, and Quark's expedition team ensures a safe and enriching journey. On shore, you can participate in exciting adventure options such as camping and snowshoeing.

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