When to Go

The Canada cruise season begins in April and runs through October when temperatures are more pleasant and comfortable. However, even weather in this region will vary greatly depending on a city’s location. Naturally, you’ll find cooler temperatures the further north you go and regardless of location, evenings are cool, especially on or near the water.

Cruises on the east coast of Canada range from four to 24 nights in length. Cruises on the Pacific coast of Canada vary greatly in length. June through August, considered the summer season, is the peak cruise season. The warmer weather and longer days makes this the perfect time of year for whale watching and water sports, as well as many sightseeing and hiking activities.

Keep in mind that regardless of when you travel to Canada, weather can still be unpredictable, so it's best to be prepared with layered clothing, a reliable poncho and a sense of adventure. 

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